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  • OWB Kydex Mag Carrier (Double)

    These go great with our OWB Kydex holsters. You can even get them in matching colors for no up-charge. And like the holsters, they also have an .06 face and an .08 back. Comes complete and ready to use with E-Loops as pictured.

  • Marker Lanyard with Kydex Sheath

    This is a lanyard that is designed to hold the cap when the marker is pulled for use. You simply cut the clip from the cap and insert it in the Kydex sheath. Now you will never have to leave your permanent marker laying around to get taken or lost!

  • Hybrid OWB with Carbon Fiber print

    This is an upgrade to the regular Hybrid OWB, being it has Carbon Fiber Holstex instead of Kydex. Still horsehide and a lifetime warranty!

  • “Solo” with Carbon Fiber print

    You get the same quality with this as the regular Solo holster, except with Carbon Fiber print Holstex. And like all of out IWB holsters, it’s made with horsehide, tuckable, adjustable, and has a lifetime warranty!

  • Hybrid IWB with Carbon Fiber Print

    This holster has the same features as our regular IWB holster, except made using Carbon Fiber print Holstex (like Kydex). It’s tuckable, adjustable, has a horsehide backer, and a lifetime warranty.

  • Hybrid OWB Holsters

    Made from the same horsehide and Kydex as our IWB holsters, except designed for OWB. As you can see, the belt clips and adjustment holes have been replaced by a 1 7/8″ tall slot. This will allow for belts up to 1 3/4″ wide and thicker 1 1/2″ belts to fit perfectly. As with any other OHC product, it’s handmade in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • OWB Kydex Holsters

    All Kydex OWB holsters. Great for range use or everyday carry.

  • Appendix Holster (AIWB)

    This holster is designed for smaller and lighter guns. It has the same features as our regular IWB holster, just more compact.

  • “Solo” Single Clip Holster

    This holster is designed for smaller and lighter guns. It has the same features as our regular IWB holster, just more compact.

  • Handmade Hybrid IWB Holsters

    OHC holsters are made using 7 oz. horsehide and .06 Kydex. Most holster makers have the option to upgrade to horsehide for an additional cost, but we make it a standard. The belt clips are metal and fastened with a stainless screw and finish washer. Behind the belt clip is a leather spacer to allow   

What our Customers are saying…

“Hi Dustin …I received the holster you made for my 239 several weeks ago…I wanted to wear it a while before making an evaluation and that’s the problem – I wear the holster everyday but I forget I have it on, and hence I forget to write you…but that’s the best recommendation I can give any holster maker.

I have holsters by Sparks,Mitch Rosen and TTGunleather and they’re all good – especially the latter one which I obtained from Derek “Sweet Music” Weston….but yours is the one I put on everyday.”Carlton V.

“I received my first holster for my 1911 last weekend and it didn’t last two days. My brother stole it from me. LOL Well not stole but he just had to have it. So I ordered another one early this week and received it yesterday. Fast service and today I’m wearing it and love it. Great product and I will order another in the future and will pass the word along about this product. Thanks for a great holster.”
Gary R.

“I had Dustin customize a holster for my P250C — The “new” style one, with the true Picatinny rail. The customization was to add some more leather behind the grip to keep it from rubbing my back. Received the holster yesterday, and today I had a chance to try it out. I’ve already written to thank Dustin, but I figured I’d share my impressions here for others’ benefit. I have just one word to describe this holster: Excellent. It’s comfortable. It’s VERY nicely made. And it fits my P250C like a glove, perfectly, with JUST the right level of retention. If any of you SigForum members are on the fence about ordering from Dustin, thinking along the lines of “this guy is a one-man shop, I could order from big company XXX and know what I’m getting” — You need to know Dustin is the real deal. Dustin makes a high quality, professional, product with a price that can’t be beat. His service/communication/packaging couldn’t be any better. He emailed me to confirm all the details. He emailed me to confirm receipt of my payment. He told me when he expected to have the holster ready. He emailed me a picture of the completed, customized, holster for my approval before sending it to me. He told he when he was going to ship it and shipped it when he said he would. When I received the holster it was neatly and thoughtfully packaged in bubble wrap, with a hand-written thank you note. Folks: I can’t recommend Dustin’s work highly enough.”

Peter V.

“I received this beautiful IWB holster today for my SP 2022 from Ozarks Holster Co! It is of excellent craftsmanship and durable construction. Love the black Kydex on the black finished leather! Pistol fits like a glove.”

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